Compression Springs

J T Pearce (Springs) supply compression springs in many different materials for different environments. We offer a wide range of compression springs including those with: –

  • Parallel
  • Conical
  • Variable pitch

Our compression springs are made in material dimensions ranging from 0.25mm – 19.05mm wire diameter.

We adapt the compression spring: –

  • body size
  • length
  • pitch
  • wire diameter

To suit customer requirements and always endeavour to achieve optimum function.

To ensure the best possible fit J T Pearce Springs also offer many different end designs for your compression spring including: –

  • straight legs
  • loops
  • complex bends
  • and double torsion varieties

Whatever your requirements please do give a call for friendly experienced advice.

“We have been dealing with JT Pearce for over 15 years and have always found their quality and service to be excellent.

They are always our first choice spring supplier.”

A client from Cheltenham (September, 2013)

Conical Compression Springs


These can vary from the simple to the highly complex.

Working from a: –

  • Sample
  • Cut away
  • Drawing, CAD data, sketch, or discussion.

Our collaborative approach allows us to keep lead times to a minimum, where traditional lead times can be 12-weeks it is not uncommon for us to cut that in half.

If you are trying to get a product to market long lead times can be expensive in terms of missed marketing opportunities.

With our in-house skills and physical equipment we have the capability to accelerate your product development.

Materials we frequently work with include: –

  • CS70
  • CS80 Hardened and Tempered
  • Stainless Steel 302/304/316
  • Brass / Beryllium Copper
  • Phosphor Bronze

New projects welcome.